The Three Simple Stages of Baby Food

What You Need to Know About the Stages of Baby Food

Stage 1 and Stage 2 Baby Food

A new baby is exciting and brings so much happiness to their parents and loved ones.  Those adorable bundles of joy, do bring a lot of questions however.  When will they sleep?  How often do you change them?  When will they crawl? Questions about feeding are often at the top of a parent’s list too.  When do you give baby food?  How do you know when they are ready?  Don’t worry, keep reading for our guide on the stages of baby food.  


Newborn and Infant Stage

For those expecting a baby, it is important to know that babies typically only drink milk or formula the first few months of their life.  For those looking to nurse, there are a lot of benefits of breastfeeding.  Formula is also a great way to ensure your baby gets the nutrients they need. Some Moms will choose to do a combination of both called supplementing.  This is when a new Mom breastfeeds but then “tops up” with formula.  A newborn will usually eat every 2 to 3 hours until 3 months old.  Then will slowly stretch to 5 to 6 hours between feedings.   


Stage 1

Stage 1 smooth puree

So when your baby is older, they are ready to try some new foods!  “Baby Food” is considered purees and they are usually introduced around 6 months of age.  This also depends on your baby’s development.  It is important they can easily hold their head up and in addition, start to show interest in eating foods.  Purees can be made at home or bought from a store in a pouch or jar. 

It is important to note that Baby Led Weaning is different approach to introducing baby to solids.  This is when you skip purees completely and go right to giving your little one finger foods.  It is important to give softer foods for them to try first such as bananas and avocado. 

But if going the puree route, know Stage 1 Baby Foods are very smoothly pureed.  They can easily drip off a spoon.  This makes them super easy for your baby to swallow.  Start with one ingredient to try and see how baby reacts.  Then introduce other veggies, fruits and meat purees.  Some recommend trying one food at a time a few times in a row to check for allergies.  Check out our Mucho Mango Organic Stage 1 Baby Food Pouches.  It is easy to pack, no sugar added, vegan and delicious!

It may get messy, but starting solids is a big milestone for your little one (and an exciting moment as a parent)!


Stage 2

Once your baby has experience with Stage 1 purees, it is time to move to Stage 2.  Stage 2 Baby Food is more roughly pureed, blended or strained.  The consistency is thicker and may include chunks for your baby to gum around in their mouth.  Your baby will likely be between 6 and 8 months of age when they try Stage 2 Baby Food and typically with foods with a little more texture.  These purees often consist of a combination of foods mixed together too.  When your baby is at Stage 2, try our Totally Tropical Organic Stage 2 Baby Food Pouches. Made from 100% locally sourced produce, this pouch is made of organic pineapple, passion fruit and sweet banana.  All farm fresh and your baby will love it!


Stage 3

Baby Led Weaning

Once your baby is between 9 to 12 months, it’s time for Stage 3 Baby Food!  These foods will often be finger foods so baby can feed themselves and will include thicker texture and chunks.   As soon as your baby seems ready for self-feeding, give them a chance to try it!       


No matter what stage your baby is in when it comes to food, remember every baby is different and will go at their own pace.  Choosing healthy and natural baby food is important as your baby enters each stage.  Loco Bebé takes pride in offering parents certified organic purees.  These resealable pouches are perfect for at home or on the go and allow you to enjoy each new food stage easier.  Enjoy this new time in your baby’s life!      

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