What we don’t do

What we don’t do

Sometimes it is what we don’t do that sets us apart.


 Unlike other baby food companies, when we create our products, we don’t outsource to a large manufacturing facility who manufactures for many companies, essentially making the brand a marketing company, not a food company. We do it DIFFERENT. We INVESTED in our community by building our own manufacturing facility, investing in local farms and helping to grow the Organic Farming Industry. We want to put the Dominican at the top of the list for Organic Farming and Manufacturing.


We have a zero tolerance for pre-processed purees, or juices from concentrate, since these vary on quality, precedence, and nutritional values. Let me clarify why the qualities are decreased. Pre-processed purees are shipped in aseptic drums, which required heating to a very high temperature, then other manufacturing facilities heat the product again in or to package it in the individual pouches.  

It would be easier and cheaper to add preservatives like, refined sugar, salts, acidic acid, and ascorbic acid to our process, but we chose  to pH balanced our pouches with fresh squeeze organic lime juice from our beautiful Caribbean Island instead. The organic lime does not just help balance the pH but also adds to the flavor and vitamin C in all our pouches.



We don’t process animal products in our compound, and we are a proud 100% vegan facility.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t know protein is very important in a growing child’s diet, however, as parents we felt kids are better off with the protein cooked freshly at home, where it is made with love and care.



Loco Bebé is meant to be a healthy alternative for snacks on the go; we truly believe our delicious blend of tropical fruits and vegetables are the perfect nutritious snack for our little ones.

“But fruits have sugar, no? isn’t that bad?”

We know that there has been a lot of chatter on fruit-based baby foods as a negative; while I completely agree, with limiting the refined sugar in everyone’s daily consumption, it was not pureed whole fruit that contributed to the sharp increase in childhood obesity (Looking at you corn syrup and soda companies!). Our process keeps all the natural fiber in the fruits and vegetables and by keeping it there, our pouches help our little tummies regulate the body's use of sugars, helping them keep hunger and blood sugar in check.


We don’t use any rice or rice meal in our products which is known for being high in heavy metals. The conversation around heavy metals is an important one. We grow our root vegetables in certified USDA Organic fields, and while being organic doesn’t guarantee heavy metals are eliminated completely, it is much more likely to have lower levels than conventionally grown produce which spray synthetic pesticides and fertilizers which can contribute to higher levels of heavy metals in their tiny bodies.


And finally, we are not a multinational company. We are a family owned and operated small business competing against food industry giants who don’t put your best interest at the top of their lists, instead, they are more concerned with their bottom line, for profits.

 Don’t get me wrong, we like profits too! but we believe, everyone should have access to nutritious, organic products they can trust and inquire about in a transparent way, because we are parents too and we’ve had the same worries you have now on the journey of choosing the right snack for your child.

 So, what do we actually do?

 We started Loco Bebé after we started having children, so we were filling a need we found as parents. There had to be a way to offer delicious tropically inspired and locally sourced products to the masses.

We cater to a healthy snack for children up to 3 years old, with clear information about our nutritional values in both English and Spanish so the information is clear for different groups.


We make sure our suppliers have the correct certifications and following the guidelines for organic food.


We give back to the communities by being not just part of their economy but also helping them grow and produce more healthy products for their own communities and people all around the island.


We care about the environment and try hard to minimize our carbon print as much as we can, by sourcing directly from local farms.


We create the nourishment that we wanted our kids to have as they grow

 And now we want to give it to you, your family, and the whole village!

What are your thoughts? Do you have any questions regarding our practices? Do you want to know a bit more about pressing matters regarding our children’s nutrition? Or maybe you just want to add your grain of salt to the conversation


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