Benefits of Choosing  to buy Organic

Benefits of Choosing to buy Organic

Why we went organic?


Choosing organic means to care. We care about our soil, our people, our families and the growth of a new generation by going the extra mile and delivering a product that not only is better for the environment and the health of those who are part of the Loco Bebe Village, but tastes way better than any similar non-organic product!


When we dreamed about Loco Bebe, we were thinking of a way to make a difference, solve a problem and the change that we wanted to see in the world. All of this started when my first child started to eat solid foods. I wanted to feed him with only the best fruits, vegetables, and grains, but as all parents learn, this was easier said than done! So, I started looking for organic options that were reliable, traceable and that provided the essential nutrients my baby needed to grow strong and healthy, but there were few options that didn’t break the bank or had the quality and taste that I expected.


After countless hours of researching and (a lot!) of trial and error, we concluded that we wanted to be that solution, we researched and tested, made our first flavors in our kitchen, and started down the road that has led us to this moment.

Clearly there are other products that looked good and checked similar boxes, like no added sugar or salts. It just didn’t fit with us because none of them used the beautiful tropical fruits we had in the Caribbean. That realization changed my life completely, by starting our own factory, we would be able to help grow Organic Farming, helping our environment and the community. By going organic your life can change too, by being more conscious about the food we eat, the impact these brands have in their communities and the world.

Don’t get me wrong, not saying that we are heroes or that it only takes that to be part of the change, but it was an experience that changed me, my family and friends.



Benefits of choosing Organic

  • Non-GMO
  • No harmful pesticides used
  • Minimizes the potential for heavy metals from the soil
  • Helps to maintain healthy soil in farming
  • Organic Produce Tastes better


Not just a trendy symbol.

To be certified organic a company and products must do recertification every year, which follows the product from the seed to the final selling point of the end consumer. Every touch point must be in line with the Organic certifying body it is certified under, for example, Loco Bebe is certified USDA Organic, therefore all the seeds used on the farms must be certified organic, the farmland must be certified, the products used in the soil and on the plants (for instance, fertilizers must be on the approved list of the USDA Organic). Once in the production facility, the produce must be cleaned with water which has been tested no less than annually and cleaning products used which comply with the USDA Organic code. 


Why it’s all this information is so important? Well:

All the seeds need to be certified because we need to ensure they have not been altered, under Organic certifications GMO is not allowed, so we need to ensure the seeds are not genetically modified.

The chemicals which can be sprayed on conventional fruits and vegetables are largely unregulated and therefore can contain harmful side effects that can leave trace amounts in the finished product and can have long lasting effects for our health.

The cleaning products used to clean the fruit as well as machinery to produce the finished product are heavily regulated in the Organic code, so once again, to lessen the likelihood of harmful cleaning agents mixing with the finished product.

Finally, the traceably is a laborious task, but an essential one as it helps up prove that every step of the process is compliant with regulation and therefore the quality of organics found in all our products.


All the fruits and vegetables we place in our Loco Bebe Purees are sourced for Organic farms found in the Dominican Republic and from within 300 miles of our certified facility. Which helps us with our sustainability goals to decrease emissions and keep as much of the products nutrients intact. By collecting the raw product from the farms and only having to drive them to our facility as opposed to ship them raw via plane or boat we cut down emissions, and we  also receive ripe fruit not green fruit (picked too early to account for transportation) which changes the flavor of the final product. It also helps our community by supplying more jobs as well as protecting our soil’s health by creating a larger demand for organic produce.

Typically, Organic products are more expensive, however, we pride ourselves on supplying the quality and integrity of Certified Organic Products at a fair price and with amazing Tropical Flavor Combinations.

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